Gypsum Powder Processing Line

General definition of gypsum

Gypsum(CaSO4⋅ 2H2O) is a soft and natural mineral of calcium sulfate ( CaSo4), which is composed of two molecule water ( H2O). It is a building material which is quite harmless to human health, moisture stabilizer, fire-resistant, sound insulation, light-weight and easy to apply.

Gypsum is burnt or calcined in the Rotary Kilns at the 630-650º C temperature, and adjusted to remain within half a molecule of water. Calcined gypsum passes through the Grinding and Separating Units according to product type. 

Gypsum is produced by mixing chemical additives and materials such as calcite and perlit in Dry Mixing Unit and by filling into bags of 25-40 kg in Packing Unit.

Kani Sanat with more than two decades of successful record in gypsum complete plant solution offers the production capacity and design as per its clients’ specified demand.

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